Accounting services at Swart&co Accountants are provided by two administrative assistants and two payroll administrators.

Our administrative assistants, Laurens Koster and Annette Bannenberg, have much experience in keeping the accounting records. They have the latest accounting and software knowledge at their disposal, which allows them to draw up financial statements /annual accounts in an efficient way. Our administrative assistants can handle your accounting both in your office and in ours. They can also look over your shoulder if you handle your accounting yourself.

Our experienced payroll administrators, Mary Joore and Hannie Varkevisser, can easily take over all your worries and activities relating to your salary administration, no matter whether income tax and social insurance contributions returns, pension statements, making payslips or special calculations are concerned. We offer forms of cooperation which are customized to your needs and it is up to you which part of the work you want to carry out yourself.