About us

Mission & vision

Swart&co Accountants is a dedicated accountancy  office which offers services to companies, business professionals, foundations/associations and private individuals.

Personal service in financial matters: that is what Swart&co Accountants is all about. We have deliberately remained ‘small’, meaning short lines of communication, personal service and good relations with our clients. Our accountants and advisors are socially engaged. They specialize not only in their discipline, but also in developments in relation to other companies and in the changing rules and regulations that affect our clients. The accountants of Swart&co focus on opportunities and the timely provision of  adequate advice.


The strategy of Swart&co is based on the following principles and core values:

Quality and integrity.
At Swart&co, a high standard of quality is key. Both clients and society must be able to depend on the quality and professionally critical approach of our people. Integrity and independence are fundamental to us. These are guaranteed by a solid system of quality control, among other things.

Knowledge and experience
Swart&co draws on a rich source of knowledge and experience. We pay close attention to the continuous knowledge development of our employees. And we deploy the available knowledge optimally on your behalf, through knowledge sharing, multi-disciplinary operation and the timely engagement of specialists when the situation requires it.

Good people
Quality staff is of great importance to us and to you. Essential core values in this are:
continuous personal and professional development, a professionally critical approach, and solution-oriented and pragmatic operating.

In society
Swart&co is at the heart of society, has an eye to the needs and requirements of clients and of society itself.