Accounting Amstelveen

Insight into your accounting records? Keeping up-to-date accounting records makes your financial position transparent. Outsourcing your accounting to the experts at Swart&co Accountants saves you time and helps you to stay in control and keep track of the situation. With your accounting records cleaned up and up-to-date, you can see exactly how your organisation is doing and which parts may need redirecting.


The experts at Swart&co Accountants are experienced accountants who know all the tricks. Our administrative assistants can handle your accounting both in your office and in ours. They can also offer you supervision if you handle your accounting yourself.

You may outsource the following accounting services:

  • Your bookkeeping, partially or completely; either in your or our office
  • Interim reports
  • Turnover tax and ICP returns
  • Cash flow prognosis

Do your accounting online

You can use our online accounting programme. In that way, our professionals will be able to offer you supervision, which makes for a highly efficient and reliable solution.

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For more details about accounting, please contact one of our advisers.