Financial advice

Financial advice

Financial advice Amstelveen

Financial advice is tailor-made to the client’s circumstances. Swart&co Accountants does not provide standard solutions. We opt for a face-to-face approach and offer unparalleled solutions.

Whenever you are in need of financial advice, you want to be able to act quickly. You will find Swart&co Accountants to be reliable partners. Our financial advisers are all-round experts who can advise you about a broad range of topics.

Financial advice concerning:

  • Estate planning, wills, pensions and old-age provisions
  • Purchase and sale of enterprises
  • Investments and financing
  • Financial reporting
  • Analysis of trends in results

Financial advice with a view to the future

The purpose of Swart&co Accountants’s financial advice is to safeguard your financial future. Financial advice comprises advice from a business angle, including investment decisions, business review and business finance. We also provide advice pertaining to private financial matters in the fields of business succession, marriage contracts, last wills and inheritances.

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For more details about the financial advice which we provide, please contact one of our advisers.