Pay-roll accounting

Pay-roll accounting

Pay-roll accounting Amstelveen


Outsourcing your pay-roll accounting?

Are you thinking of outsourcing your pay-roll accounting? Swart&co Accountants can do it for you easily and swiftly. We ensure a personal and effective approach. Your pay-roll accounting is secure in our hands. Swart&co Accountants will save you time and help you to stay in control and keep track of the situation.

Outsourcing your pay-roll accounting

  • Payslips
  • Pay-roll accounting
  • Income tax and social insurance contributions returns
  • Online services

Pay-roll accounting

Our experienced payroll administrators know all the tricks and will free you from any worries and work, no matter whether they are related to income tax and social insurance contributions returns, pension statements, drawing up payslips or other payroll matters.

Online pay-roll accounting

Using Salaris Online, you will have direct access to your employee details and pay-roll accounting. This will make carrying out your payroll administration – in cooperation with Swart&co Accountants’ payroll administrators – much easier.

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For more details about pay-roll accounting, please contact one of our advisers.