Swart&co Accountants is keen to make a positive contribution to society by practising its corporate social responsibility (CSR). This can be done in many ways. Good employment practices is one of these. Our organisation’s human resources policy is socially conscious and flexible. We provide our staff members with a good working environment, room for personal development and consciously selected sustainable accommodation. We use environmentally-friendly printed matter, pursue energy-efficient policies and separate our waste for recycling. Besides that, we sponsor various sports and neighbourhood activities.

In our opinion, the creed ‘A better society starts at home’ is in line with the concept of CSR. Having an eye for our fellow human beings, our immediate neighbourhood and the environment, and paying attention to the way we spend our money.

CSR by Swart&co Accountants is evidenced by a number of initiatives:

  • We ensure fair working conditions, a healthy and safe working environment and provide protection against sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination.
  • At our office, we digitise as much as possible. We invest in computerization for a smarter output. Besides that, we only print documents if it is strictly necessary – official documents – and separate our waste for recycling.
  • We perform work free of charge for various charitable organisations in the fields of sports and culture.
  • In addition, we sponsor various sports and cultural activities.