The auditors and accountants at Swart&co Accountants will provide you with a tighter control of your enterprise. We monitor the proper application of legislation and regulations and draw up your company’s financial accounts. Our aims are to increase your company’s return and to identify opportunities.

Accountancy services

  • Compile and audit of your annual accounts
  • Business advice
  • Interim reports
  • Financial investigations: credit checks, due diligence audits, value assessments, valuations
  • Business proces analysis

Accountancy is a lot more than just figures

The professionals at Swart&co have a passion for what they do, but they look beyond the figures. We look at the developments in your company and at your personal success. Our professionals opt for the smallest number of organisational layers and for personal contacts. As far as we are concerned, our accountancy work is not the tailpiece of our services, but the beginning of your success.
For more details about our accountancy services please contact one of our advisers.