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  • Always independent tailored advice
  • Certified by NBA and AFM

Accountancy Amstelveen

With the Accountants of Swart&co Amstelveen you get a better grip on your company. Our specialists monitor the correct application of laws and regulation and take care of your company’s financial accountability. The goal of our accountancy firm is to increase the return of your company and to identify opportunities. Our advisors do this in Amstelveen, Amsterdam and beyond. This allows you, as an entrepreneur, to focus on your business processes.

About Accountancy – Why Hire an Accountant?

A good accountant is labeled as ‘expensive’ by many entrepreneurs. However, in practice, a good accountant is profitable. After all, the valuable insights in your company and the advice from our tax advisors will save you money. Moreover, it often happens that we see interesting opportunities for your company based on the financial figures. In short: hiring an accountant has many advantages! Above all it is especially easy; through our expertise you can be sure that everything will be arranged properly and on time.

Accountancy is more than just figures

The accountants of Swart&co have a passion for their profession, but we look further than the figures. We look at the development of your company and your personal success. Our accountants choose for short lines and a personal approach. We do not see our accountancy work as the end of our services, but as the beginning of your success.

Accountancy services

  • Auditing and compiling your annual figures
  • Business economic advice
  • Periodic reports
  • Financial investigations; credit investigation, due diligence, valuations
  • Provide insight into your business processes
  • Subsidy statements
  • Loan statements

Audit (statutory and voluntary) and compilation assignments

A good analysis naturally starts with 100% reliable financial statements. Our compilation activities increase the reliability of the annual accounts. Depending on the size of your company, you may qualify as a subject to an audit obligation. We are in the possession of the WTA permit and can carry out this audit for you. Audit and compilation assignments are always planned and carried out in consultation with you as a customer.

Business economic advice

Based on your financial figures, our specialists can provide you with an extensive advice on the economic opportunities for your organization. Naturally, this always takes place with experiences and certified accountants. Moreover, if you are a regular customer of ours, we will always keep our eyes open for potential opportunities in the future.

We also offer tax advice and other financial advice.

Periodic reports

To have a clear insight in your figures, it is important to periodically make a report of the company results. This provides important information about your business operations in the past period. If desired, we can periodically go through this report with you.

Financial Investigations

Do you have a specific question about your finances? Then we will investigate on your behalf. Think in particular of credit research, due diligence, and valuations. Would you like to have another financial investigation carried out? Then get in touch.

Provide insight into business processes

Finally, as an accountant, we can also provide you with insight into your business processes. By looking at the figures, advice can emerge to make your working method more efficient. We can also provide you with insight into what is happening in your organization based on the figures.

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